Due to its unique location and the different climatic and geographical features of its four coastlines, Turkey plays a unique role in the production of wooden boats. The Black Sea region to the north, the Marmara Sea and the Turkish Straits to the north west, the Aegean to the west and Mediterranean to the south are each home to contrasting marine conditions and to distinct varieties of wooden marine craft, built from the lumber their environments produce.

Wooden boat production began in ancient times in the region which forms modern-day Turkey. The skills and expertise garnered over centuries and handed down from father to son and through craftsmen’s guilds have been transformed by modern technology in the last 30 years.

The Turkish wooden boat industry has maintained its key role in yacht production by combining traditional methods with the latest technology.

In early 2013, under the auspices of the Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR), leading yacht manufacturers, designers and engineers from Turkey’s wooden yacht industry came together to form the Kayık Association with two key objectives: To uphold the best traditions of Turkish wooden yacht production and to strengthen the industry’s position in the international boatbuilding sector.

After initial meetings with industry leaders, the Kayık Association is developing a strategy designed to a) underline the importance of wood as a yacht-building material, b) promote Turkey’s unique craftsmanship and accumulation of expertise and c) create new international ties.

Raising domestic and worldwide awareness of the Turkish wooden boat industry.

Establishing Trust:
Setting up the “Kayık” standardization and certification programmes.

Consulting parties interested to obtain and/or restore wooden boats.

Researching into and documenting Anatolian boatbulding heritage.

Establishing and maintaining archives related to the Anatolian wooden craft.